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  Shenzhen Auto-vox Technology Co. Ltd has over 10 years experience in the development, manufacture and sale of car parking system, rearview system, car cameras and multi-media products. Reliable quality of 99% qualified rate wins us volume clients in the US and Europe.

Reliable quality
Our company are registered in ISO 9001 Quality Management System and our products are e-mark certified, With 15 trained QC staffs in our quality control department, quality checks are conducted in the whole production stages from incoming materials/components to finished products. To guarantee the quality, series test are also carried out, such as vibration test, salt-spray test, aging test, high-and-low temperature test, and more. So quality is the first key to our success.

Excellent service.
We export our products to 30 countries worldwide with a good reputation contributed to our strict quality control and excellent service. We provide two years warranty and 1% of free spare parts for each order. our customers are impressed by our quick reply to their inquiry within 12 hours and earliest delivery time of 7 days for M.O.Q. shipment.  customer’s best satisfaction is always what we are pursuing in our daily work. 
Strong R&D
To catch the market demand, we focus on the market feedback and develop market-oriented new models. our 8-year-experience R&D technicians can release 3 -5 new items each season. To maintain our R&D ability, we reinvest 20% of the total profit.

30,000 sets of monthly output
We not only fully own a factory, but have two close partner factories, covering an area of 7,000 square meters. our factories are equipped with temperature chamber, spectrum analyzers, oscilloscopes and signal generator. with 4 production lines, so far we can turn out 30,000 sets per month and we can improve our output to meet the increasing market demand in short time. 
Management philosophy
In additional to quality products, powerful production ability and high lever of service we provided, what else make us successful? our management philosophy. We believe in and encourage passion, innovation, communication and satisfaction in our management.our employees are driven, dedicated, skilled and friendly. They enjoy their work, treasure their customers and strive to make customers most satisfied.

Our goal 
What will we do in the future? our goal is clear and simple: to continue to grow and prosper, for the benefit of our customers, suppliers and employees, to develop innovative new products, to satisfy our valued customers best.